I am a DPhil student focusing on Cancer Genomes and Statistics at Big Data Institute,Nuffield Department of Medicine, supervised by David Wedge, Simon Myers, and Dan Woodcock.

I am interested in tumour heterogeneity and cancer evolution. My project is to infer the phylogenies between populations of cancer cells, and track the evolution of cancer genomes. My research mainly focuses on constructing phylogenetic trees with higher accuracy using statistical methods.

Prior to Oxford, I finished a BSc in Life Science at Fudan University. I carried out several projects concerning neural transimission. In the summer of my third year, I completed a project in Relation Between Stxbp1 and Seizure at Baylor College of Medicine. My dissertation is to screening SNPs related to seizure via GWAS.


  • Tumour Evolution
  • Cancer Genomics
  • Machine Learning


  • BSc in Life Science, 2018

    Fudan University, Shanghai, China