Wedge Group

Wedge Group

Cancer Genomics and Tumor Evolution

The focus of the group’s research is cancer evolution and heterogeneity. Cancers are made up of a heterogeneous mix of cells, each bearing a different set of mutations in its DNA. We aim to characterise groups of cells, or ‘subclones’, according to their mutational profiles and to study the interaction between subclones.

Tumours are difficult to treat because they change over time, gaining mutations that enable them to metastasise to distant organs or that result in resistance to treatment. By comparing multiple samples, we can identify those mutations that cause relapse and progression. Using genetic markers, we can also track the spread of disease, giving us insights into the mechanisms and processes involved in cancer growth and metastasis.


Since April 2020, David Wedge has been based at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, and is affiliated to the University of Manchester and the Christie Hospital. His University of Manchester webpage provides further information on his research activities in Manchester.

David also supervises a number of PhD students from his previous position at the Big Data Institute, within the University of Oxford.


Principal Investigator


David Wedge

Professor of Cancer Genomics and Data Science



Aliah Hawari

Postdoctoral Researcher Associate / Computational Biologist


Andreas Gruber

Postdoctoral Research Associate / Data Scientist


Atef Sahli

Postdoctoral Research Associate / Bioinformatician

Graduate Students


G. Maria Jakobsdottir

DPhil Student in Genomic Medicine and Statistics


Haoqi Sun

DPhil student


Kasia Kedzierska

DPhil Student in Genomic Medicine and Statistics


Natalia Garcia Martin

DPhil student in Statistics

Job vacancies

If you’re interested in joining Wedge Group be sure to check out currently advertised opportunities on David’s University of Manchester Website.


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